Hill & Valley is Milwaukee’s full service landscaping provider

At Hill & Valley Landscaping we have been serving the greater Milwaukee area since 1999! With 23 years of service, we are proud to be Milwaukee’s full-service landscaping provider. We offer all commercial and residential landscaping and hardscaping services. From weekly maintenance to seasonal cleanup, to full design of a new outdoor living space with hardscaping, we are your premier landscaping specialists.

Commercial Landscaping & Residential Landscaping

Whether you live on a small tract of land or have acres of commercial property, our team would love to make your space more beautiful on your budget. Your homes curb appeal and landscape maintenance add value to your home and show that your home is being well maintained and cared for from the inside, out. Flower beds and landscape design allow us to bring color and form to any property, of any size. What can our team of dedicated landscapers and designers do for you?

Landscape Design

At Hill & Valley Landscaping, we provide trained landscape designers that work beside our skilled landscaping technicians to deliver finished products and landscapes that leave our customers truly satisfied. When you love what you do, you don’t think of it as work. Our business allows us that joy. We love the artistic opportunity of creating a full, colorful flower bed or the practical satisfaction of correcting drainage issues and we especially love creating outdoor spaces for families to enjoy.


There are two main types of landscaping: Softscapes and Hardscapes.


Softscapes refers to any living elements of your landscape. Lawn, bushes, trees, flowers, etc. If you can grow it, we call it a part of your softscapes. Softscapes are an important design element of our projects. A paver patio is just a hard slab thrown into the middle of a yard, without paths and border gardens or garden walls with seating and vegetation for privacy and color that bring a space to life and invite people in.


Hardscapes refer to any non-living elements in your landscape. Paths, driveways, patios, decks, firepits or water features. If it’s built and not planted, we call it a part of your hardscapes. Hardscapes create outdoor living spaces and connect the pieces of your yard to your home. A firepit invites friends in for s’mores and wine when designed to flow with your home and not just thrown into the middle of the back yard. We work with the architecture and your existing landscape elements to create inviting outdoor spaces. We want to widen the footprint of your home to your outdoor space with hardscapes. What outdoor living space have you dreamt of? We work with a variety of distributors that offer hardscapes in a variety of textures, colors and budgets to fit every project.


Our website will hopefully answer some of your questions but feel free to reach out to us! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer free quotes for our services. Check out our Gallery page to see some of the happy customers we’ve taken care of. Galleries | Hill & Valley – Milwaukee, WI (hillandvalleylandscaping.com) We want to be the landscaper you think of for lawn maintenance to outdoor living spaces. We are locally owned and operated. Contact us about our full range of landscaping services including hardscapes, outdoor living, retaining walls, water features, drainage corrections and more.

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Hill & Valley Landscaping Services

Hill & Valley Landscaping has experience with projects in Milwaukee from simple residential landscape updates to large commercial landscaping jobs and everything in between. Want a fire pit? Want a water feature to add the sound of trickling water? Need a retaining wall to create a usable well drained space? You can be sure that our experienced work crews have the landscaping knowledge and equipment to get your job completed in a timely manner. Our services include but are not limited to: