10 Tools Every Landscaper Needs

At Hill and Valley Landscaping, we love what we do! From creating flower beds, patios, outdoor fireplaces to simply mowing grass, we love making your landscaping look great! Our passion shows in our finished projects. While we want to be the company you call for any landscaping services, we also want you to enjoy your landscaping. If you are a weekend landscaper, there are some important tools you’ll need in order to maintain your outdoor space. We can help you create and maintain your space, but if you enjoy the feeling of dirt under your nails, be sure you’ve got some of these tools on hand. 

Ten Tools Every Landscaper Needs:

  1. Lawn Mower – start with the most expensive item you’ll need, unless you want us to 

take care of this part! 

  1. Weed Eater – trimming and edging your lawn must be done if you mow your lawn. 

Leaving this step undone, just looks sloppy. Don’t skip edging! Ever.

  1. Leaf Blower – while not a necessity, this tool will pay for itself time and time again! The 

last thing you want to do after finally finishing your lawn is go back to hand sweep

your walkways, paths and driveway. A good landscaper doesn’t just leave that mess behind! We’ll make sure your clippings are ALWAYS taken care of!

  1. Hedge Trimmer – an easy and usually inexpensive tool that makes quick work out of a 

task that could be much more labor intensive with only a hand tool. 

  1. Pruning Shears – yes, you need both a Hedge Trimmer and Pruning Shears. They serve

very different purposes and you will need both as your plants and landscaping 


  1. Shovel(s) – having a small hand spade for flowers and veggies is a must. A larger shovel 

is something you’ll want to already have on hand when the time comes that you need it!

  1. Rake(s) – having two rakes may seem redundant, but it’s nice to have a steel rake and a 

leaf rake for separate jobs. 

  1. Wheelbarrow – this is an upgrade item for when your back hurts too much to carry 

planting and mulch across your landscape. You’ll know when you need one!

  1. Aerator – a lot of landscapers like having their own aerator on hand. This job is easily 

taken care of by our team, if this seems like a clunky item to store. 

  1. Safety Equipment – Eye protection. Ear protection for lawn mowing and other motor 

work. Gloves and Sunscreen! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

If this list seems like an overwhelming to do list or expense, give us a call! Let our landscaping team take care of all of your outdoor living area needs.

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