Hales Corners Landscaping

Landscaping Services Hales Corners, WI

We love the history of Hales Corners and knowing that family land intersected to form three actual corners of the hub of town. It’s interesting what land can mean to a family and to a small village like Hales Corners. We understand the importance of land and family values at Hill & Valley Landscaping. It’s what we’ve built our business around. We take care of the homes and businesses here in Hales Corners so that we can provide for our families and provide employment to those in our community. Taking care of the landscape of our little piece of Wisconsin provides fulfillment to so many and adds charm and beauty one home at a time. Small towns with small business owners are the cornerstone of our country. We are proud to be a part of the history of Hales Corners since 1999 and hope we can help you with your landscaping needs at your Hales Corners home or business. 

Seasonal Landscaping or Weekly Service

At Hill & Valley Landscaping we’ve become the premier landscaping company in the greater Milwaukee area. Whether you need seasonal cleanup and pruning to weekly service of mowing and trimming, we have a team ready to bring professional landscaping to your home or business. Wanting to create new gardens or spruce up the ones you have? Wanting to upgrade or refresh your foundation plants around your home? Looking to install a firepit or outdoor living space? Hill & Valley Landscaping can help with all of your landscaping needs! 

Our Landscape Design Team at Hill & Valley 

Our Landscape Designers and Technicians work with your property to ensure outdoor living spaces look like they’ve always been a part of your home. Landscape design is an important element when adding patios, fire pits or walkways to your landscape. You don’t simply want a concrete pad thrown into the middle of the yard that will never add value to your property. A well planned, designed and manicured paver patio with access directly from your home through guided walkways that invite you and your family to want to go spend time outside, that’s good design. What can our landscape design team do for your home or business? 

Curb Appeal for Your Hales Corners Home or Business

Curb appeal is important to homeowners and businesses alike. Professional landscaping can account for an additional 15%-20% of home value at time of resale on average. First impressions are important in real estate and in getting customers through your door. What does your curb appeal say about your home or business? Hill & Valley Landscaping can turn your property into a complete showstopper! Want to be the envy of your neighborhood? Give us a call today! Contact Us