Do I Need a Professional To Build Retaining Walls?

Do I Need a Professional To Build Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls can be a great way to tie together a look when considering your landscaping needs. They are extremely dynamic, adding height and texture to what can be a boring flat garden. There are also tons of different styles to choose from. This makes sure they will fit the look and feel that you want for your outdoor living area.

Many questions can arise when thinking about adding retaining walls however, and that’s what we at Hill and Valley Landscaping want to help you with.

What Exactly Are Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls are a structure built to keep the soil behind it up and in. When you have an angle that is too steep for soil to support or “retain” itself, a retaining wall can support it. Changing to a flat wall from a sloped surface will also change the whole look of the exterior of your home.

These walls need to be extremely sturdy and properly made and put together. To properly prevent soil from moving, this construction should be done by a professional. Hill and Valley Landscaping offers great retaining wall construction at an extremely reasonable price. We strive to ensure your retaining walls will give you the most space possible in your garden and they’ll last. We also use the highest quality building materials to ensure the integrity of your retaining wall.

Why Do I Need A Professional?

A professional is needed to ensure that your retaining wall is going to last and be structurally sound. The entire purpose of these walls is to support and a failure can lead to disaster for your garden and yard. Collapse can lead to a disruption in your yard, garden, or even street in front of your home. Having to rebuild will be much more expensive than paying to have it done right the first time. To ensure this doesn’t happen you should use a professional retaining wall contractor such as Hill and Valley Landscaping.

For any questions about retaining walls or other landscaping services, call Hill and Valley Landscaping today!

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