How Good Are Paver Patios Really?

How Good Are Paver Patios Really?

Most patios are constructed out of one of two materials. These two materials are pavers and concrete. Choosing between the two involves budget, usage, and aesthetic. To choose between the two though, we need to know what’s what to understand the difference between concrete patios and paver patios.

Concrete Patios

There are two types of popular concrete patios: slabs and stamped. Most hardscaping companies will offer these options.

Slabs are poured concrete that is extremely durable due to its thickness. They require little maintenance and are low cost. Concrete slabs are what you think about as the classic patio paver. They will match a lot of already established driveways and walkways on many homes.

Stamped concrete is also poured and follows the same process as slabs, until the end. Once the concrete is poured, this concrete is finished and given texture as it is “stamped.” This option is a little more expensive, but holds opportunity in it’s looks as it can be finished to look like even wood.

Paver Patios

Paver patios are stones laid in a pattern to create a unique look and feel for every patio. Choice is the difference maker here. There are a few options but the most common paver options are stone and concrete.

Both options are relatively cheap and give a wide variety of design options because of the arrangement aspect of them. The main difference between the two is the material and the sealant applied to concrete pavers.

So, Are Paver Patios Worth It?

It depends, but a lot of the time the answer is yes. Paver patios are widely recommended by hardscapers due to their diverse nature and low cost. The cheapest paver patio will be a fraction more expensive than the average concrete patio, but quality is key. Paver patios are more durable, will be cheaper to maintain, and will be more unique for your home.

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