Landscape Design

Landscape Design in Milwaukee, WI

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Hill & Valley Landscaping can help you design a landscape that’s full of life. We employ landscape architects to create innovative, creative designs that are both multifunctional and sustainable. We begin landscape design by taking the time to observe your property carefully. Hill & Valley Landscaping will take into consideration any problems specific to your landscape, such as drainage issues, tree root damage, water contamination issues, or any damage caused by animals. We’ll also consider soil type when designing your landscape so it can best absorb rainfall runoff.

Custom Landscape Design

After identifying landscape problems/needs, we will provide you with an estimate of costs associated with repairing landscape-specific problems and implement a landscape design plan catered specifically for your lifestyle needs and landscape features. At Hill and Valley, we have been in the landscaping industry for years, so there are very few needs and requests that we can’t handle! We ensure to utilize our experience and professionalism to make the design process simple and straightforward for you as a property owner.

Our Innovative Landscape Design Ideas and Process

From basic, to 3D Concept designs; Hill & Valley can help you design a creative, custom, multifunctional landscape/hardscape. We recognize that the most important step in creating a custom landscape/hardscape design is understanding our clients wants and needs. In our initial walk through, we take time getting to know you and your needs by asking the right questions and listening to our clients. After a careful landscape design process, we present an initial plan and get a second round of owner feedback. We take your ideas and utilize our technological expertise with online landscape design! We even will work with a more specific project such as fire pit, outdoor kitchen, patio, and garden design! Our experienced design and sales team will continue to work with you to refine your design if necessary, while keeping your goals and budget in mind.

Transforming Your Outdoor Space

Once landscape design is complete, we will begin landscape installation by first laying landscape fabric over the subsoil to prevent weeds from growing into your landscape or front yard without compromising on drainage. We then prepare the soil for seeding or sodding (if applicable) by tilling, grading, and adding topsoil as needed. Lastly, we seed or sod the landscape; our experts use high-quality seeds/sod mixed with peat moss to ensure the cultivation of your beautiful plants that include holly tree and weeping willow structures. Our yard landscaping techniques are very detailed to ensure that you can tell a difference from right when you step out of your front door!  

Hill and Valley Landscape Designers: Our Promise

At Hill & Valley Landscaping, landscape design is an art form. We’re landscape designers – not just landscapers – and we’re committed to creating landscape designs that will last a lifetime with minimal upkeep. When working on your property, we ensure to treat it with the most care and quality time commitment in all of the greater Milwaukee area. When you work with a Hill and Valley landscape designer, we will leave your property looking better than we found it, and with a brand new design! For innovative designs that will absolutely transform the curb appeal of your home or business, choose Hill and Valley!

From the property around your business to the vegetable garden in your front yard, we can handle it all! Give us a call today!