Use These Top 3 Tips To Make Your Lawn Healthier

Use These Top 3 Tips To Make Your Lawn Healthier

We all want to have a nice, green lawn in front of our homes to rival those of our neighbors. The right landscaper can help you fix a broken lawn.

1. Remove Weeds From Lawn

All lawns will have weed problems, but, you should pull weeds regularly to maintain the health of the grass. Weeds sap important nutrients from the soil the grass is planted in and can drastically affect the healthiness of both the soil and grass. Use an herbicide to handle extreme cases of weeds, however, a regular weed puller or hoe is fine to use in most cases. Keep in mind with herbicides that they must be used at the right time of year.

2. Keeping Soil Healthy and Ready to Facilitate

Much like your house, your lawn needs a good solid foundation to maintain its health and integrity. Without healthy soil, you cannot possibly have healthy grass and that’s the end of the story. You can improve soil quality by spreading organic material around your lawn, and requires tilling. Alternatively, proper aeration and planting will also improve soil quality. Other garden plants though, will require mulch to increase the richness of the soil they are planted in. Mulch can help with not only the health of your lawn, but can additionally drastically improve the looks of it as well.

3. Consultation and Services From a Landscaping Company

If at-home remedies for a healthier lawn are not panning out, a consultation with your local landscapers can help work your grass into what you want it to be. At Hill and Valley Landscaping, we offer many services such as planting and drainage correction here in Franklin/Germantown. We guarantee that any problem you can’t or don’t want to fix on your own we will be able to diagnose and resolve.
For all of your landscaping needs in the Milwaukee area, call Hill and Valley Landscaping today!

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